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HPLC system, DAC system, HPLC columns and packing materials. Alphapro Biotech provide one-stop solutions for your research and industrial application.


Standard Laboratory For Daily Research

Alphapro Biotech not only have self-developed systems for product development, but we also have testing systems like Waters, Agilent and Shimadzu. We guarantee that our systems are compatible with the vast majority of devices on the market, with parallel comparability and accuracy.

R&D Research

Alphapro Biotech provide the packing materials and hardware for the liquid chromatography system. The matrix of current packing materials is silica-gel. Under development materials are PSDVB particles. The hardware uses 316L stainless steel, Schott glass, PEEK, PTFE, and Hastelloy C, which are widely used in the international market. We ensure that our production development direction and products are just what you need.


Service Team


Our service include


HPLC Systems, DAC Systems, HPLC column, packing materials

Assembly& Acceptance

Complete equipment assembly, software debugging and machine acceptance


The updation of hardware, packing materials, software

Local Installation

Optional paid service for large complete equipment

Technical Support

Each product has related support documents and technical service

On-line Service

The sales team provides fast and accurate replies. We will reply to your messages within 12 hours.

Case studies

HPLC system and DAC system are combined for biochemical purification in industrial areas. Compared with common preparative HPLC columns, the DAC system has an automatic packing system that can pack and unpack the packing materials within specified usage times. The packing materials can be rinsed thoroughly.

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