Liquid Chromatography System

Liquid chromatography systems, offered by AlphaPro Biotech, are sophisticated instruments used for separating, identifying, and quantifying components in a liquid mixture. Utilizing high-end technology, these systems allow for precise analysis of complex samples, making them essential in fields like pharmaceuticals, environmental testing, and biochemical research. They are known for their accuracy, efficiency, and versatility, enabling detailed analysis of a wide range of substances with high sensitivity and resolution.

★ Dual plunger series mode, floating plunger design.

★ Advanced pump drive system, higher precision, better stability.

★ Electronic pulse compensation technology, multi-point flow correction, ensure accuracy, the range of flow velocity is more accurate, more stable operation and reliable performance, cost-effective

★ Open computer control communication protocol, easy third-party software control.

10ml System

50ml System

100ml System

200ml System

500ml System

1000ml System

3000ml System

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